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G.I. Gurdjieff, “Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson”

G.I. Gurdjieff

Book II, Chapter 38, pp. 739-742

 “I will inform you, namely, concerning what is said in this contemporary Holy Writ, which has as it were reached them in an unchanged form, about the chief, most reasonable and most devoted of all the beings, directly initiated by this Sacred Individual or, as they would say, about one of his Apostles.

“This devoted and favorite Apostle initiated by Jesus Christ Himself was called ‘Judas.’

“According to the present version of this Holy Writ everyone who wishes to draw on the true knowledge will acquire such a conviction, which will also be fixed in his essence, that this same Judas was the basest of beings conceivable, and that he was a conscienceless, double-faced, treacherous traitor.

“But in fact, this Judas was not only the most faithful and devoted of all the near followers of Jesus Christ, but also, only thanks to his Reason and presence of mind all the acts of this Sacred Individual could form that result, which if it did not serve as the basis for the total destruction of the consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer in these unfortunate three-brained beings, yet it was nevertheless, during twenty centuries the source of nourishment and inspiration for the majority of them in their desolate existence and made it at least a little endurable.

“In order that you may better represent and make clear to yourself the genuine individuality of this Judas, and the significance of his manifestation for the future, I must first still inform you that when this Sacred Individual Jesus Christ, intentionally actualized from Above in a planetary body of a terrestrial being, completely formed Himself for a corresponding existence, He decided to actualize the mission imposed on Him from Above, through the way of enlightening the reason of these three-brained terrestrial beings, by means of twelve different types of beings, chosen from among them and who were specially enlightened and prepared by him personally.

“And so, in the very heat of His Divine Activities, surrounding circumstances independent of Him were so arranged, that not having carried out His intention, i.e., not having had time to explain certain cosmic truths and to give the required instructions for the future, He was compelled to allow the premature cessation of his planetary existence to be accomplished.

“He then decided, together with these twelve terrestrial beings intentionally initiated by Him, to have recourse to the sacred sacrament Almznoshinoo—the process of the actualization of which sacred sacrament was already well known to all of them, as they had already acquired in their presences all the data for its fulfillment—so that He should have the possibility, while He still remained in such a cosmic individual state, to finish the preparation begun by Him for the fulfillment of the plan designed for actualization of the mission imposed on Him from Above.

“And so, my boy, when having decided on this and being ready to begin the preliminary preparation required for this sacred sacrament, it then became clear that it was utterly impossible to do this, as it was too late; they were all already surrounded by beings, called ‘guards,’ and their arrest and everything that would follow from it was expected at any moment. And it was just here that this Judas, now a Saint and formerly the inseparable and devoted helper of Jesus Christ and who is ‘hated’ and ‘cursed’ owing to the naive nonreasonableness of the peculiar three-brained beings of your planet, manifested himself and rendered his great objective service for which terrestrial three-brained beings of all subsequent generations should be grateful.

“This wise, onerous, and disinterestedly devoted manifestation taken upon himself consisted in this, that while in a state of desperation on ascertaining that it was impossible to fulfill the required preliminary procedure for the actualization of the sacred Almznoshinoo, this Judas, now a Saint, leaped from his place and hurriedly said: ‘“I shall go and do everything in such a way that you should have the possibility of fulfilling this sacred preparation without hindrance, and meanwhile set to work at once.’

“Having said this, he approached Jesus Christ and having confidentially spoken with Him a little and received His blessing, hurriedly left.

“The others, indeed without hindrance, finished everything necessary for the possibility of accomplishing this sacred process Almznoshinoo.

“After what I have just said, you should now without any doubt understand how the three-brained beings, of the two types indicated by me of the planet Earth which has taken your fancy, have distorted for their various egoistic aims all the truths to such an extent, that about this Judas, now a Saint—thanks to whom alone such a blessed hearth of tranquility from their desolate existence had arisen and existed for them for twenty centuries—there has been crystallized in the presences of the beings of all subsequent generations such an unprecedented unjust representation.

“I personally even think that if this Judas was presented in their Holy Writ as a type of this kind, then it may have been for this reason, that it was necessary for someone or other, also belonging to the mentioned types, to belittle in this way, for a certain purpose, the significance of Jesus Christ Himself.

“And, namely, He appeared to be so naive, so unable to feel and see beforehand, in a word, so unperfected that in spite of knowing and existing together with this Judas so long, He failed to sense and be aware that this immediate disciple of His was such a perfidious traitor and that he would sell Him for thirty worthless pieces of silver.”

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  1. […] We don’t know the mind of Christ, but we do know what came of that last supper with his disciples – a tradition that has persisted in innumerable forms (albeit not all of them especially edifying) for more than two millennia, not because Jesus “opened up a classic ‘subtle body’ channel” but because his clueless disciples finally got it, somehow, that they were to “Do this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19) That’s Jesus’ theology, not the harebrained, impenetrable, speculations of G.I. Gurdjieff. (Read Bourgeault’s citation here.) […]

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