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Maundy Thursday reflections on Good Friday

Posted by Ron George on April 14, 2017

The Washing of the Feet, by Ghislaine Howard (2004)

Mandatum novum

Someone washed my feet last night.

She looked like Jesus.

I’d worn boots.

(Damned inconvenient.

Forgot about the foot-washing thing.)

Duded up – black suit, striped-white shirt, red tie,

Sunday-go-to-meeting of a darkened Thursday.

An old command made new each year

gets down to the nubbin of one’s sole.

Pull those fancy pant legs up.

Let her have your foot.

Warm water.

(Seems to beg the question.)

Hand to foot, hers to mine.


What’s that in my eye?

Warm water.

One foot resurrected,

the other plunged to death.


Warm water.

Clean feet.



— REG+, 4/14/17


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