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Joe’s dreams

Posted by Ron George on December 29, 2013

Joseph's Dream, Byzantine fresco at Castelseprio

Joseph’s Dream, Byzantine fresco at Castelseprio

M’name’s Joe Jacobs. Been workin’ all my life f’next t’nuthin. Ain’t been bad, y’un’erstan’, but I’da liked to had more in life. Mos’of us ’r’like that. Folks in Nazareth. Jus’ plain poor, tha’sall.

We ain’t the poorest, though. They’s folks more poor than us. Way more. No home at all. No people. No work. Folks wanderin’ aroun’, beggin’ and such. My people ’r’jus’ a cut ’bove ’em but not by much.

Learned my daddy’s trade, but I done a lot a dif’ernt things. Y’got to, jus’t’live. We always managed but jus’barely. Them others? Don’know how they git’long.

Not much more t’tell ’cept about them dreams. Guess tha’swhat y’come for, right? Tha’s th’word been gettin’roun’. Joe the dreamer, they been callin’ me ever since. Y’see, it’sem dreams made me dif’ernt than I was. Can’t say ‘twas good or bad. Jus’ dif’ernt. Near drove me crazy.

Firs’one come after I foun’ m’finance pregn’nt. I-’as pissed off to here ’tol’ her off. Tol’ her daddy off, too. Tol’ him go to hell. Didn’t want no damage goods. I’d’ve whupped her, I’d been him, and after all he tol’ me al’bout how good she was. She come up wi’this cockamame story ’bout it come from th’holy spirit, whatever that is. It’s a God child, she said.

Yeah, right. Whatever. ’Tain’t mine, so th’ weddin’s off.

Then come this dream. Now, I ain’t no dreamer. Never have been, but this dream come lou’dan’clear, like a message straight from God. Bottom line: Marry’er, fool. She’s carryin’ a God child. OK. Weddin’s back on. Th’whole village thought I’d los’m’mind. Me, too, now I think ’bout it, but I done it ’cause o’that dream. Back then, ’twasn’t Joe dreamer; ’twas Joe fool.

’Bout two years later, these guys show up. Stargazers. They want’see the God child. OK, here’e is. They’re struck dumb. Maybe they thought they had th’wrong house. I don’know, but then they kneeled down and started jabberin’ like they was prayin’. Then they unpacked some real ’spensive stuff, y’know? Give ’em to the boy. Then they was gone, jus’ like that. Didn’t even get th’names.

Then come ’nother dream. Agin, loud’an’clear: Git out o’town, fool! Cash in th’gifts and git on the road t’Cairo! Hell, I didn’t even know where that road was, but I found it damn fast. No time for g’byes. Left in th’dark next night.

Heard later th’army came to town an’killed maybe 20 boy children. My dream said they’d be lookin’ for our God child. Wish it’d said about them other boys, too. I’m still sorry ’bout all that.

Well, it’s some time ’fore I get ’nother dream. This one says, come home. OK, so I play’tsafe. We settle up north, kinda where we come from anyway.

Y’got all that?

I ain’t had a dream since, but I’m still Joe the dreamer, like ever’body says. Nothin’s changed, but ever’thing’s changed, y’know? We’re still poor, but we’re not beggars. We got more kids, sons and daughters. It’s stickin’ with Mary that’s made ever’thing dif’ernt. Stickin’ with her when I might’ve let’er go. I still have doubt, sometimes, about this God-child thing, but then I remember them dreams.



One Response to “Joe’s dreams”

  1. Jim Abbott said

    Nicely done

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